Samsung Tablet- A Handy Gadget that you cannot Avoid

Tablets are the future of communications. They are the latest representatives of how far mobile technology and information networking has developed. A perfect blend of a mobile phone and a mini computer, a tablet is the gadget that has evoked a great deal of interest and speculation in the personal communication systems markets. Looking back at recent disclosures regarding networking gadgets, one will find that speculation has been rife about what the Tablet would look like and what it could purportedly do. Many phone companies have started developing their own tablets but the leaders of the pack are undoubtedly Apple and Samsung.

Samsung Tablet

When Apple launched its iPad, most people in the industry thought that it was far too modern even for the networking industry. Its success however opened up new possibilities and once the pattern was available lots of similar products began to be developed. However none other than Samsung have come close to competing with the prototype that the iPad is. The Samsung Tablet is a definitive answer to Steve Job’s magical and revolutionary mobile computing device.

First Look, First Impression

The first impression that one gets when seeing the Samsung Tablet is the sense of sleekness and lightness. The 10.1’ display is definitely the largest in the market today and the fact that it has a screen which boasts of the highest in resolution are the highly noticeable characteristics of the Samsung Tablet. Upon carrying it one realizes that it weighs just over a pound (1.3) and is assuredly amongst the lightest of tablets available. The clean lines of the design and the colors that it is available in – white and soft black – make it universally appealing. The touch interface seems to be the fastest yet and certainly makes the user feel nimble and fast.

Now for the Specifications

The power behind the Samsung Tablet is its dual core 1 GHz processor that allows the user to make maximum use of the device at amazing speeds. Samsung has continuously advertised about the multitasking and widget managing capabilities of its tablet. Both these tasks are made very easy by the Android 3.0 operating system. Also known as the Honeycomb, this OS supports multiple programs and is able to handle great connectivity speeds. The number of downloadable apps that the operating system has to offer the customers makes it one of the best in the industry. The android operating systems also opens up a full complement of Google services like chat, Gmail, you tube, Google maps etc. to the user.

The Samsung Tablet offers the best imaging solutions to enable superlative photography and high quality videos. Its 2 cameras

  • The front 2 MP camera enables clear and precise video conferencing or online chatting with great clarity.
  • The rear camera is a whopping 8MP camera that takes the best pictures and its 1080p enables one to shoot videos at 24 frames per second and in HD quality.

The Samsung Tablet offers its users two choices of internal memory– 16GB or 32 GB. When it comes to multimedia effects, this tablet offers to its customer’s auditory and visual effects which are the best in the industry. Watching a movie on the 10.1’ HD screen with a surround sound effect provided by the dual speakers, is indeed a pleasure. When it comes to battery life, almost all Android powered phones have a battery life of at least 10 hours of talk time and 7 hours of movie watching. This makes for the Samsung Tablet to be able to withstand long hours of travel.

Special Features that make the Samsung Tablet Truly Rocking

The Samsung Tab’s home screen is one of the most dynamic in the industry. Called “Live Panel” this home screen can be customized to suit the user’s needs. This home screen makes it exceptionally easy to access email accounts, social media sites, picture galleries and popular websites. The most special feature of the Live Panel is the constant updating of real time data. This feature of the Samsung Tablet helps in keeping the user in touch with his world at all times.

Another special feature of the tablet is the Mini Apps.  Mini apps makes it possible to effortlessly access commonly used phone features like clock, calculator, calendar etc to appear as pop ups over presently running full display applications.

The Samsung Tablet is also empowered with Adobe flash Player making web browsing a speedy and pleasurable task. Given that most of today’s popular websites run on Flash Player, this feature makes it easy to open those sites. Internet speed is also amongst the best in tablets as this tablet can be connected both by HSPA+ and Wi-Fi. With these facilities it is possible to stay connected throughout the day and enjoy consistent internet speeds at all times.

For all the people who love to read but do not like to carry books with the, the Samsung tablet offers the best recourse. One of its premium features is the Reader’s Hub which gives access to unlimited number of books, magazines and newspapers from different countries in different languages. The e-reading experience is further enhanced by the availability of zoom, font enlargement and bookmarking features.

Providing access to good Music has always been one of Samsung’s strong points. It extends the service that made its phones so popular to the Samsung Tablet by providing all tablets with a Music Hub feature that stores millions of songs with all information related to them.

One of the most talked about feature on the Samsung Tablet has been the Social Hub feature. In a world dominated by social media and platforms that call for constant connectivity, social Hub allows real time access to emails, messages and social networks, all through one web portal. Also, by rooting the Samsung Tablet, you can unlock plenty of new features. The tablet allows integrating message and internet feeds into one single flow so as to lessen the amount of time spent calling out to each other. Polaris Office is the feature that allows one to work from anywhere thanks to the preloaded Polaris office software that enables word, power point or excel document creation.  A clip board too has been made available to ensure that computer functions like cut and paste, copy etc are available on the tablet.

Extras that Samsung Offers

There are many accessories that optimize the use of the Samsung Tablet. Choosing the right accessories will enhance not only the look of the phone but also make it very user friendly. The most popular of accessories are the keyboard and the headphones. Other accessories like docks, cables and chargers are also available.

With all these features, it is no wonder that the Samsung Tablet has taken the mobile computing world by storm. It is such a feature rich device that one would never ever get bored with it.